Ana Nuta Tataru

EyeMethod studio opened its doors in 2016. After graduating from Estelle Skin Care & Spa Institute, I dedicated my time perfecting the lashing technique. By frequenting classes all over Europe and developing my own brand of lash extensions, I felt prepared to give the Chicago market the lashes they had been missing – comfortable, wearable lashes that never distract from a woman’s natural beauty, but act to enhance it. And thus, the EyeMethod brand was born!

My team of lash professionals have all been trained using my proprietary techniques. My technicians are tested not only for precision and how well the lashes wear over time but also for speed in the application. All of my lash artists must complete a minimum of 50 full sets prior to donning an EyeMethod uniform, ensuring you receive the highest level of service no matter whose chair you are in. Even more impressive than my rigorous training program? My ability to select lash artists that share her passion for the industry.

“Lash extensions are not one size fits all. There is no universal formula. Every set needs to be customized to fit the unique and fabulous woman wearing them. My absolute passion is helping ALL women feel and look more beautiful.”- Ana Nuta Tataru



I am known for the tranquil environment that I create when lashing my clients. From my feather-light touch to my soothing voice, even the most restless of clients find themselves indulging in a lash nap with me. I am trained in all lash extension application techniques and I’m currently accepting appointments for classic through heavy volume extensions. I speak Russian and English.


My attention to detail and ability to recreate the highly requested “Kim K” look makes me one of  most sought-after lash artists. With my finger on the pulse of all the happenings in the beauty industry, I consistently serve up lash sets that leave my clients wowed. I’m trained in all lash extension techniques and I’m currently accepting appointments for classic application through heavy volume, along with lash lift and tint. I speak Spanish and English.


If lash artists had superpowers, Ana’s would be creating a custom look for each client by seemingly reading their minds. My ability to envision the right set of lashes to complement each individual is second only to the precision of my technique. My cult-like client following often comment on my ability to make them feel completely at ease. I’m versed in all lash extension application techniques and I’m currently accepting appointments for soft and heavy volume extensions. I speak Romanian and English.