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Beginning & current artists, individuals right out of school or seeking a career change, anyone who is interested in the art of lashing!


Why learn with me? First, I’ve traveled the world in search of high-quality products. Additionally, as the owner of a successful lash studio in Chicago, I’ve researched effective industry techniques. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned in my Turbo & Specialty courses.

Whether you’re new or experienced, my Lash Artistry courses offer tried-and-true techniques to help grow your business. Notably, these courses cut out fluff and focus on the most useful tools to help you lash faster and overcome common challenges.

You’ll also have access to the best products and tools, along with knowledge on how to use them appropriately for better retention than your competitors. Eye styling, volume hacks, environmental must-knows, and more are included.

Let’s grow YOUR business! Online training isn’t enough, which is why I’ve designed this course with hands-on demonstrations and practice. You’ll leave training feeling confident, with techniques and knowledge you can’t find online, ready to grow your business.

Ultimately, financial independence and career gratification are just a click away when you have all the tools to create the future you imagine for yourself.


All our students get 20% Off all EyeMethod® professional supplies

Students must provide a model for the “hands on” part of the training

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Certified Eyelash Extensions Artist Chicago
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