Best Eyelash Extensions Classes in Chicago!


We have decided to condense all the best information, tips and tricks of our lash courses in one NEW and improved TURBO Eyelash Extensions CLASS!

We cut the fluff and get right to the juicy parts🤩

This class is for beginners who want to learn this profession right from the start and want to earn a good income right away!

We REDUCED considerably the price as we understand how challenging is to embark on a new journey in such challenging times!

The PRO kit includes everything needed to perform up to 40 full sets!

The class is worth 10 CEU

KIT INCLUDED in the price of the course!

Learn to do eyelash extensions in no time!

Organizer with 20 pallets. Mannequin head with removable lids. Mixed pallets of the most used lash curls. Our Glue system + pink gel remover that we LOVE. Foaming cleanser, set of brushes to wash your client’s lashes before treatment and all the disposables you need for the perfect application. Mini fan and nano mister. Last but not least, 4 tweezers to help you with any technique!

Duration of the course is two days (8hrs/day)

Book today for Best Eyelash Extensions Classes in Chicago!